History of Love

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Famous lovers in history of Egypt Hatshepsut and sennmot and clear love story despite attempts to hide Hatshepsut Queen beautiful strong wife of King Thutmose II weak patient lean wesnnmot architect and priest and a young Egyptian genius intelligent rakish youth, force which brings to the Queen has been followed by such as imagination and entrusted by his rearing her daughter "nfrora" which calls into question the very these sculptures lsennmot and is home to nfrora are not present in the statues and monuments indicating that it may be the real father, not that he raised her "Die "the engineer who built the famous Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir El-Bahari and the 80 titles were of pill for melikth to dig a tunnel between its Necropolis and his tomb.
If the hints of to indicate the presence of love has gathered Monday to die and Hatshepsut are Queen and lackey also had participated in "the life of the legendary and mysterious end each end remains a mystery even now.
If the recurring love story between Queen in. .. And its servant, however the Hatshepsut Queen great wesnnmot great genius engineer and his heart and love knows no Queen or server

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