Homemade Buffalo and BBQ Wings

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Here is a short and simple method to baking hot wings and bbq wings.  Please bear in mind that wingette and drumettes can take 30-40 mins to bake @ 350F if you get them packaged at the store raw. But, frozen ones can bake between 35-40 mins @ 400F. If the package contains a solution of water and kosher salt, seasoning is not necessary. 

Here are the wings I made the night before: 


I highly suggest you toss the cook wings in sauce after they're finished cooking even if the bag says you can add desired sauce halfway through baking. 

The wings I brought (Perdue Frozen Wings) soaked their wings in a water/salt solution so I realized seasoning them was unnecessary. 



The next day, I baked my wings without any seasoning and just added salt & pepper to the homemade buffalo sauce, which can be pretty thick. 


Here is the finished product: 

 The sauce got thicker on the wings as I put them in the refrigerator. 


If you plan on buying Perdue's frozen wings (the kind in the big bag), I suggest you do the following: 

Set oven to 400F and bake wings for 15 minutes. Turn over the wings and cook for another 20 minutes until meat reaches 180F on a meat thermometer. If using an older oven, bake wings for an additional 5-10 minutes. (I do this so the wings can have at least a 200 degree reading. ;-)) 


When preparing a buffalo sauce, I used a mixture of a bottled sauce as you can see in the picture below and a recipe off a hot sauce bottle. 



For the second picture, I used 3 tbsp. of hot sauce, two tbsp. of salted butter and 1 tsp. of salt and 1/2 tsp. of pepper. Sauce gets a little thick as it stands. 


If you want BBQ wings, then use about 1 cup of your favorite sauce per four pieces. 





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