How can we manage ourselves againgst the life's problems and difficulties?

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           Our life is the cycle of ups and downs. It cannot be like the calm river always.The problem with the human race is not of the life's problems and difficulties but with the craving and sticking to the things which are temporary not permanent. We  want to remain the same as we are while our surroundings,  culture and society change along with the time. We are so occupied with our  thoughts and old beliefs that any changes at the very beginnings seem untolerable to us and we resist the change and do not want to let the change happen. Suppose if the mother thinks that her child should remain as innocent and cute as in the childhood for the lifetime, is this possible? The answer to this question is a very very big no, nature is the change and we all are changing each and every second of life. If people can understand it fully , their half of the miseries and sorrows will be erased. Only a slight  change in our thinking will make us more adaptable with out environment and we will start attracting the positive enegry.

                              Let us understand it by an another example, as nights and days come and go, so the good and bad time also pass. Any hard or good situtation is not going to stay for long in our life. So why we become so worried. We should live with this attitude that "THIS WILL ALSO PASS. ALL OF US ARE TEMPORARY NOT PERMANENT"


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