How It Feels To Work From Home

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If you're already subscribed or following my posts, you've probably guessed I'm more into coffee than I should be. But hey, this post isn't about coffee so let's save that for another day.

I have both the privilege and the daily struggle of working from home. You see, I work for myself. I co-own a digital branding and marketing company and since it's still early on in the startup, this allows me to work from "the comfort of my home."

It isn't always very comfortable, but we'll get to that later.

My daily routine starts with me waking up to take my dog (his name is Dexter) for a walk, lazily hopping right back into bed and then up again a couple hours later.

I'd tell you the time of when I get back up but, I don't want to look bad on my very first post here! ;)

I grab one of six black mugs my dad gifted me last Christmas (they're also my favorite) and I head over to the coffee machine for a cuppa strong black coffee - just the way I like it.


I sit down at my "home office desk" and pop open my Mac to begin the day's work.

Four hours later and I've listened to some morning devotionals while plowing through a bowl of cereal, bread, and eggs, I've checked client results and rankings (I do search engine optimization too) and I'm ready to finish work on my company website which I've been "too busy to work on" for a while now.

But I usually end up playing with Dexter a bit, shooting some darts and throwing a table tennis ball at the wall cricket style.

And now 5-6 hours are up and I'm hungry! Lunch - if eating around 5:30 can still be called that - needs to be made. And so I get into lunch, dishes and putting on some favorites of John Mayer or Ed Sheeran to keep things smooth.

Although it isn't healthy to eat and watch something, once some food is ready, I've loaded an episode of something (I watch a wide variety of series you'd probably love and hate the ones I've seen) and I'm sitting down to eat. 

An hour later and I've gotten some more work done, haven't touched my website work yet because I know once I start I won't stop for hours ( I have this habit of doing something almost 100% once I start), and now it's about that time for another cup of coffee...and the occasional cigarette after I manage to convince myself that this will be the last smoke for a few days.

I take the whole thing up to the roof.

I enjoy the sky for all that it offers while drinking a cup of black coffee with Dexter running wild on the roof and me trying to balance my cup and cigarette as Dexter comes running into me for no apparent reason with a rock in his mouth.

No, I've tried it, he won't let go of the rock although he wants me to throw it, or anything for that matter. I would but not this time because I'm not about to get my hands soggy from dog drool and hold my cup or cigarette with them after.

The real reason I enjoy the roof and being out there during the sunset is that of the feeling I get. I start having thoughts of thankfulness. I'm blessed. I get to wake up almost when I want, my schedule is flexible, I can work from home, I'm eating well, have a nice place to stay with a happy Golden Lab that likes to play or sleep all day long. I'm living life!

It's one of my favorite times of the day. I look forward to it almost as much as my dog does.

Around 7 pm I'd like to say I do some work out at the small home gym setup but I don't. I usually end up watching some Vlogs of people I follow on YouTube or get started on my website.

If I started on my website (or clients) that day, then I'd realize by 11 pm that the site is looking real sweet but now I'm hungry. It was because I said the word sweet! I knew it.

Time flies when I'm 100% involved in my work. But a man's gotta eat. So I whip up something and 45 minutes later I'm at my laptop again but this time it's with a plate of food and a series I'm racing through on.

3 hours later

I've eaten dinner, watched a couple episodes of something or the other, taken Dexter out for his last walk (oh ya, he goes at 9am, 4:30 pm and 11:30 or 12:30 pm), perhaps played a bit of COD or RushTeam (FPS games) if I'm feeling like I did a ton of work and then I'm ready to hit the bed.


Let's call it a night. 

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