How much time do you spend for mom?

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Day 8/3 is the first day of honoring women from around the world. On this day, you will remember the first one? Surely we should spend time with her ​​mother, the most important woman in your life. But you have to take the time to care about her, the mother or not? Radio Blog Of this, please invite you to listen to the letter touching the heart of the children, the grandchildren for her and her mother.

Have we ever thought how much will be more hours of my life sitting next to the mother, devoted to her own time?

A simple question but difficult to answer. This self-understanding, and every one of us then feel a pang, so the remaining time for Mother less than that. Each day an hour. Rest of her life, how many days? It's time some of us do not.

One hour per day only.

The most peaceful time when I was sitting next to her, she was heard to say, is that Mother smiled. I was fortunate to have such a dimension. Luckily there to my mother's house back to doing the little children before her. Sometimes coddle well as youth wait fifty years before she go shopping to find a gift basket continent.

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Now her eyes no longer see what color the sky again, hands fumbled to find the li mixed drinks for me. I'm not heartless to do this, but she was so happy she was her son's care. Receiving water li My mother guilty of disloyalty, but if I refuse to deprive them of the happiness she had once loved, sheltered childhood I do. My mother has always been considered a child up in the old days.

During difficult times, the mind is not peaceful, confusion and frustration that one feels when her house is where we return to the shelter. I desire to return to the mother, was crying as ever.
We were wrong, her heart always tolerant. I get lost, I'll put one on.

How old is still small compared to her. How many old, she has always wanted to protect me, I always see every little foolish, foolish. That's womb, Mother's love for us.

Time will take away everything but what we do for fun she will bring a miracle for her old age.

Have you ever realized this. What is the mother of us but what we have, how much is the mother?

Have you ever thought how much her ​​remaining time for Mother?


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