How much will you earn as a member of bitlander?

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Film Annex is now "bitlander" but there are no changes in how you will earn or be paid as a member of the the new site, the name of the page was changed but not the content of your account or earnings.  I had an article titled "how film annex compute the buzz scores and revenues of a member" but had to post again about this issue to give emphasis that there is no detailed computation on how to arrive on the total revenues or earnings now at bitlander, if you will compute it by yourself. Bitlander had their own basis for giving the scores and compute the revenues after a month.

What is clear is the more activites or socially engage your movies and or blogs, the more higher " buzz scores" it deserves and equally you will earn more revenues.

 Where do you see the earnings or revenues on your page ?


The image as you see it on the top right corner of your page is the estimated earnings.  The image is my earnings for the month , August 7, 2014.


Then clicking on the gear icon of the image above , you will see sub menus and click on the word  revenues and also opens up  a page for the revenues, buttons to click on the shopping page if the amount of bitcoin could purchase a product or services. The page link for REVENUES

Clicking on the ALL TIME TOTAL will bring you to the Daily and Monthly Earnings or Revenues , see the image below

On the image above you will on number 1 your daily revenues,  now for the monthly there is slider on the right side of the image , just slide it down and you will see the monthly earnings.



On the question of how much will you earn as a member of bitlander? I could say that i probably can earn more than the minimum cashout which is 0.20 "bitcoin" i just have to be consistently, be socially active and post all original  blogs, micro-blogs, images as well as videos. Earnings is different for when the bitcoin can be cash-out.

As i am illustrating this to you as co -member it gives me the understanding and clarifies  the details about how the computation of buzz scores and revenues in daily and monthly .   All or estimates until  a final payment of 'BITCOIN" is given by bitlanders  or if you want in goods spend your bitcoin thru the shopping page of bitlander even if you have not reached the cashout cap of 0.20 bitcoins.

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