How Our Prayers Will Help Find The Missing Malaysian Plane

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As of this writing, the search for the missing Malaysian plane carrying over 200 passengers, enters into its third week. One can clearly see how much anguish and pain are faced by families and friends of the passengers onboard the missing plane.

It must be excruciating. Yet, I believe that we as fellow human beings, should not stand by and just watch. It is not just "news" and this tragedy is also incredibly heartbreaking to watch.

I believe that although many of us are far away from Malaysia, we have the power to help. It is called prayer. And for thousands of years, humans have been practicing it. After all, although many of us don't admit it, in times of trial, we do end up praying for people we know like ourselves, our friends, our family members.  

Yet I think it is important that many of us change our focus from our own parochial area, to the rest of the world, to the missing Malaysian plane.

We must, as fellow humans pray for the passengers, pray for the families. For surely when millions of people pray at the same time, we must hope that our good thoughts and our urgent entreaties will reach the Almighty God who will surely hear our desire to find the passengers and heal the hearts of the families involved.

We need an answer so that we can help the family members get resolution.

We also need to find the plane so that we can make flying safer for everybody. If in fact it was a mechanical error, then engineers need to know. If there was pilot error, the same thing needs to be said.

And yet as days go by, the search for the missing plane is still very much a search.

Leads are followed, only to go nowhere.

Yet, there is a way for this waiting to end. We must, as a collective group, start to pray and help the families have healing. Distant praying does work. And tons of books have been written in this area.

The lady weeping on television could be your aunt, your sister, your cousin.

Standing by watching the families suffer is difficult so I believe it is in everyone's power to pray and help the families.

There are angels who can help. In fact, I am told that we can also pray to Saint Anthony, the Catholic patron saint of lost items. The angels who specialize in lost items include Archangel Chamuel and Zerachiel.

We don't have to stand by watching the anguish happen in front of our eyes. A miracle can happen and it could be that we just have to take one long collective prayer to find the plane and its passengers.

The world is not so large after all.


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