How to Delete Your Facebook Search History

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Facebook Search History allows you to see what ever you have search in the previous years in your Facebook account. This might be useful for you specially if you want to recall something or want to find some missing friend. But on the other hand this might not be good for you if you are sharing a computer with other person and if they found your Facebook account open they can easily see your Facebook Search History and find out what you have searched over the years.

  • First of all visit the main page of your profile by clicking on your name at the top of your Facebook account. Here you will see a activity log button, just click on it and it will redirect you to a new page



  • Here you will see all recent activity including Tag Review, Timeline review, photos, likes, comments, friends etc. But we are looking for search history which you will find only by clicking on more button.                                                                                                                      
  • Now you will see lots of options, just click on search link and you will see all your previous months search history.

  • At the top of this page you will a link saying “Clear Searches”. Just click on it and it will delete all your searched data instantly.

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