How to: Delicious Creamy Carrot Cake

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baking Creamy Carrot Cake perfect bonding with friends. 

Creamy Carrot Cake

My friend and I always like cooking when we hang out together.  One time, we decided to bake carrot cakes with cream filling.

It was just very easy. All you need is a box of carrot cakes, eggs, cream filling, if you have an extra or you could make one and of course some carrots.

Just follow through the recipe behind the box of the cake mix you would like to use and you can add in some nutmeg or cinnamon powder to taste for some extra flavor.

We finished making in just under an hour. It was a two layer cake with the cream filling on the middle and some cream frosting to the sides and on top. We sprinkled some cake crumbs to the sides to add texture and sprinkled some green sprinkles and grated carrots on top to create color contrasts.

I hope you have fun baking with your friends too! Wait up for some new recipes.


We used:

The Maya Kitchen Carrot Cake Mix 



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