How to Download Facebook and YouTube Videos Without Installing Any Software

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Sometimes we have the need to download videos from Facebook and YouTube, these include having videos accessible anytime even without internet connection, for editing purposes, ripping the audio or re-uploading in other sites.

Why you should not be using downloading software? Most of these software includes third-parties that if you are not aware, you would be installing it together with the downloading software.These incident usually happen to people when they use the recommended settings when installing. Third-parties might be potentially harmful to your computer/device or even gather information stored in your computer/device.Another reason is that it will just consume space of your storage because usually you're not be using them all the time..

Then how will I download? In this tutorial we will be using a server based downloading software that is capable of downloading videos from most video sharing sites such as Facebook and YouTube.. You can also choose to download just the audio in MP3 format.

1. Open the video you want to download and copy the URL of the video.
 Hint: Facebook video URL should be ending with &theater.

2. Go to and paste the video URL in the form provided. Look at the image below


3. After you entered the video URL and clicked the download button, the video will be processed and a new download button appear as shown on the images below. Just right click the button and choose "Save link as". You will be prompted where you would like to save the file.

That's it your download should have start and just wait until its complete.

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