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My Little Bitcoin List

Buy Some Bitcoins:

Here's a carefully selected  list of exchanges  for you to get bitcoins:

  • [Worldwide] LocalBitcoins - Fastest and Anonymous way to buy/sell bitcoins (its how i usually get btc's)
  • [USA/Europe] Crypto-Trade - Exchange Euros <=> bitcoins, and USD <=> bitcoins, its a highly secure and registered exchange, have fun trading.


Getting some Bitcoins for free:

Get some bitcoins to start testing, how this all works, below are some services that offer you bitcoins:
  • BitVisitor -  Earn bitcoins in exchange for visiting websites, lasting 5 minutes or more!
  • Seals With Clubs - Biggest Bitcoin Poker site, offers 0.05BTC away every hour to the winner of a freeroll (no entry cost whatsoever).
  • Bitcoin Addict - Another Bitcoin giveaway site.
  • Earn Free Bitcoins - Earn bitcoins in exchange for visiting websites for a designated period of time. 
  • NetLookup - Send bitcoins straight to your wallet address.
  • - Enter your Bitcoin address below to receive small amounts free bitcoin.
  • - Watch videos to earn BTC. See here for more info. (Need to register an Account).
  • CoinTube.TV - Earn Bitcoins for watching TV.
  • CoinURL -  Earn bitcoins by shortening links.
  • CoinVisitor - Earn Bitcoins for viewing websites and ads.
  • AnonymousAds -  Have a site or a blog? Then this is perfect for you.
  • BitBin - BitBin is a site you can use to store 'pastes', short text snippets, which can be (nearly) anything from code to chat logs. ( And earn bitcoins while doing it )
  • FeedZeBirds - retweet for bitcoins.
  • Seals With Clubs - Biggest Bitcoin Poker site, offers 0.05BTC away every hour to the winner of a freeroll (no entry cost whatsoever).
  • iWantFreeBitcoins - gives you bitcoins for taking offers. There are many free offers.
  • faucet -  Scan a QR code to reveal a MtGox code for 0.0007 BTC.
  • DragonTale - A casino site, but gives out small amounts for free that you can use to gamble with or withdraw to your own Bitcoin wallet.
  • Free Digital Money - Get unlimited Bitcoins sent to you instantly when you try new apps, fill out surveys, view advertisements, sign up for trial subscriptions, and much more!
  • BitcoinPlus - Generate Bitcoins leaving your browser tab open.
  • Strike Sapphire - Poker Freerolls, see more information here, enjoy.
  • CoinWorker - Earn bitcoins by completing short analytical tasks which can be done in your browser.
  • Rugatu - Ask questions with bitcoin rewards or become a bitcoin freelancer
  • Earn The Bitcoin - Earn free BITCOINS by completing FREE offers! You get points just for filling out the forms, ranging from 0.2 to 2.00 bitcoins each!
  • FreeDigitalMoney - gives you bitcoins for completing simple tasks, like watching a video or playing a game. Do not forget to change the receiving address to your own.
  • Bitcoin Street Faucet - will give you a one-time 0.01 BTC, if you have a phone that can receive text messages.
NEW FAUCETS UPDATED(25 May 2013): (No CoinURL Ads)
  • BTC 4 YOU
  • The Bitcoin ME
  • Ten Bitcoin
  • El Bitcoin Gratis
  • Raw Bitcoins
  • FaucetBTC
  • Free BTC 4 ALL
  • Virtual Faucet
  • Sr Bitcoin
  • Green Coins
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Spending Bitcoins:

There are lots of merchants accepting bitcoinsand everyday this list grows, from virtual bussiness to retail bussiness. But Im going to post some small ones where you spend little to no bitcoins :)
  • Seals With Clubs - Biggest Bitcoin Poker site. (Very U.S. Friendly)
  • [Naughty] STRIP 4 BIT - Sexy Girls Shows lol
  • BitDazzle - Bitcoin Marketplace with loads of cool stuff to buy

My Comment: I think this coin, could very well be, the next revolution on file storage, forget encrypted cloud storage, and other centralized storage services. You can read the F.A.Q. and search the blockchain.


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