How to earn buzzes Part 2

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Hunt for treasure buzzes

This can be challenging to find but it is definitely worth to receive additional free buzz for hunting treasure buzzes. It can usually be found in the bitLanders' VIP accounts.


It is just fun to be doing certain easy jobs and get rewarded just like how we receive buzzes after doing certain stuffs on bitLanders like watching movies and viewing blog posts.

Facebook invitation.Make sure to check the homepage daily as bitLanders gathers some of your Facebook friends' information and sends a request to transform the user to become a bitLanders. Sending the invitation will also give you additional buzz, this happens once daily.


You may take some assets down from your account or your backpack but then the return of that investment is definitely more than what you had invested. There are a lot of items in the shop to look out for. What's so good about bitLanders is the fact that they don't settle for few items, they add and add items depending on the occasion happening like the cricket costumes where it was inspired by the 2015 cricket competition and they had it on sale as well as giving the user additional buzz for the next 14 days. Amazing right?


Nothing is sweeter in any site than being able to receive a payment but with bitLanders, aside from getting paid, you are also going to receive additional buzzes for redemption which is totally amazing!

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