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Bloggers all love social networking right? It’s half the fun of blogging after all, getting to meet other awesome people and make new connections.


You may have been hearing a lot of Buzz around the net about a new social networking platform, so it seemed timely to write a post all about it!


What is the platform that is creating all the hype? Welcome to Tsu! 


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What is the new social networking platform Tsu

Tsu (pronounced “Sue”) is incredibly young, and has literally only been around for a couple of weeks. The thing that is making Tsu stand out from the crowd is that it says it will PAY you to post content to the site. Yes, you did read that right! You can actually earn money from this social networking platform.


Tsu claims that users can maintain the ownership of the content that they post, at the same time as being paid for all the posting, sharing and liking that happens on social media platforms. In fact, 90% of Tsu’s ad revenue is passed back to it’s users!


That’s not something to be sniffed at right?


But how exactly do I earn money from Tsu? 

Essentially, Tsu pays you for the the people that join the site and follow you, for the content you post and the interaction that you undertake. The more your content is shared, the more money you will make. In theory, if you are posting content that people like, whether it be informative, funny or witty, the higher revenue you are likely to see. Remember that saying “Content is King”…well it is back again. The more shareable your content is, the more you will benefit. Tsu works with organic reach, so if you have lots of friends and followers, are regularly publishing content and receiving shares, then you will be paid. It can sound a bit quirky and we will have to wait and see how it actually pans out, but if your not in it, then you will never know will you! What have you got to loose? 


How well with Tsu work for me? 

Considering that no-one has been using Tsu for more than a week it is really hard to say whether this platform is going to be successful or not. However, you will have heard a thousand times before that you will get out what you put in. Well, Tsu will not be any different. Will you earn money for doing nothing? Absolutely not! You will need to put in time and effort to see any benefits from the platform, and certainly to see any dollars coming to you. Signing up to the site and befriending a few people will not suddenly see an influx of money. Things simply don’t work that way. The great thing about Tsu is that you can easily track how things are going by looking at your analytic. You can check how many people have viewed, liked and commented on your posts, so it is easy to see what content is making an impression.


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When you hit the ground running with something, everyone is in the same ball park. No-one has thousands of followers, and for a short time everyone is pretty much on an even playing field.


Can you imagine what results you would be seeing now if you had started on Facebook or Google+ when it was first introduced!

There is already a buzz in the air with Tsu and it is still in it’s infancy. The only real way to decide whether Tsu is going to benefit you or not, is to simply give it a go! 


How can I join Tsu?


Access to Tsu is by invitation only. Users basically invite others and those users become their “children”. When those users invite people, they become their children and your “grandchildren”.


I said it was quirky didn’t I! Tsu’s algorithm then tracks and distributes the revenue to the appropriate users. If you are already using the likes of Facebook and Google+, then you might as well try out Tsu too. If you are posting your content elsewhere, it wont hurt to post to Tsu too!


I have literally only just signed up to Tsu, so watch this space for more information on how the platform works and how you can most benefit from it. But for now, it’s free to join, so why not head on over whilst it is still brand spanking new and we can all have a lot of fun together. Enjoy the ride as this new platform emerges and earn a few $ in the process.


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Your Turn: 


Head over to Tsu now and start following me.


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