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Nowadays, people are eager to find some extra ways to earn money online. We all know that there are a lot of sites in the internet that might probably encourage you to use, but be careful guys, not all sites that appeared like legit are all legit. More of those are just scams and will just waste your time. is a legitimate site

If you found this blog through google, kindly click this link and sign-up ---> and when you created your account and you need someone to ask about some of your queries regarding to this site, just send me message in my inbox and I will try my best to provide you the information you need. By the way, my name is shaiera, currently one of the top earners at

Some new users at sent me messages in my inbox asking if is really a legit site. I am tired of answering each one of them and I know there are still some who will message me about this so I decided to write this blog instead of answering them one-by-one. Guys! is a legit site. It’s been five months since I started using, I joined this site last September 2015 and it really helps me with some of my financial needs. And this site is a great opportunity for me to show and enhance my writing skills.

Brief History

Image courtesy of is formerly known as Film Annex. Film Annex is a social media site that provides an online opportunity to earn its users in terms of publishing movies or films, before. Through researching, I found out that at the start, film annex was specific to the film making only. But, as time goes by, the platform changed its rules and started to promote blogs. By the way, the founder and at the same time the president of this social media site is sir Francesco Rulli.

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When I joined this site, It was already but the platform are just the same. And during my journey here, some rules has been changed too and also the payment system but don't worry guys, still pays our hard works :)

What is is a social media site that pays its users by posting quality contents and being socially active. Users are being ranked with a BuzzScore. We can increase our BuzzScore by uploading and sharing our very own content, bringing friends by our referrals, getting followers and interacting with other users.

how to use

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There are some video tutorials in youtube on how to use this site. But for a short tutorial, you just need to post contents on movies, blogs, microblogs and gallery. To know the rules in posting stuffs on those sections, kindly visit this blog --> Rules to Follow on bitLanders To Avoid Suspension or Ban

To be more specific about posting contents, read the following for each sections:

1. Movies - if you read the blog of sir micky about the rules of this social media platform, you will understand that in this section, you MUST post your VERY OWN videos.The one you created by yourself.You can submit that for review to gain additional direct power ups if and only if you followed the standards for a high quality video which are; Only English submissions will be accepted, Submitted movies must be original and Submitted movies must be tagged accurately. If you followed those, you will get a positive review for that. :)

2. Blogs - Some of us are granted with aptitude of writing our  beautiful thoughts, ideas or experiences. At this site, blog section should be PLAGIARISM FREE so it is a MUST that you publish only your VERY OWN QUALITY CONTENT blog, DO NOT COPY PASTE from other sites because this site can identify and filter whether you just copy paste that from the other site. For the tips on making blogs: The title of blog should be well tackled.  For more explanation or giving actual concept you can use images in your blog but don't forget to credit the sources of those images. You can also put videos in your blog, you are allowed to put videos from other site but you also need to acknowledge the owner of those videos. If you want to submit your blog for review to get additional direct power ups, make sure that you followed the standards for a high quality blog which are; Only English submissions will be accepted, Submitted posts must be written in proper, well formed and well formatted English, Submitted posts must be original, Submitted posts must be exclusive and can not be present anywhere else on the web, and Submitted posts must be tagged accurately.

3. Microblogs - posting in microblogs is like posting a status on facebook, here, you are allowed to express your thoughts, opinions or feelings. The letters on this sections are just limited. you can only use maximum of 160 letters.There should be minimum one line in microblog and try to avoid spamming. Spamming can decrease the buzz and also the suspension of your account. By the way, you can tag someone by putting "@" before the username.


4. Gallery - In this section, you are allowed to post your OWN captured photos. It should be taken by yours. You can also submit it for review and the standards are; Submitted galleries should follow a theme, Submitted galleries must contain more than 5 images , and Submitted galleries must be tagged accurately.


For an elaborate tutorials, visit my other blog -->, a tutorial for the newbies. After posting contents, go to the global chat and interact to other users to attract them to visit and buzz/like your posts. By the way, don't forget to do your daily quests to get direct power ups, direct power ups will help you improve your BuzzScore to earn more.

 How to earn at

Using your spare time, you can earn at this site,,  by posting contents and getting buzzes from other users by means of interacting with them. You can also earn by subscribing other users, collecting small treasure boxes on each post on your home page with the "BM-LOGO". and by sharing post like the pictures below in other social media sites like facebook, google or on twitter.


You can also earn by treasure haunting --> Go on a Video Treasure Hunt To Earn More Rewards . For me, the easiest way to earn more at this site is through blogging. Try writing and submit your own content. and when you feel the impact of blogging to your earnings when you got  positive outcome of your hard work through that you can't help it but to write more and more. It will benefit you in the way that you will enhance your writing skills and also earning more.


How bitMiles Loyalty Points Work

Before, is a social media site that pays its users in bitcoin. Now, replace it with bitMiles ---> How bitMiles Loyalty Points Work. Before you can withdraw at this site, you need to earn first and reach the minimum payout. Don't worry, you can easily reach the minimum payout if you will be active here and do those ways of earning at this site.

Enjoy using because this is the only way to stay long in using this site. The more you enjoy, the longer you will use and the more you will earn!. Show hard work with an enthusiastic way of socializing and giving information with others , this is my so-called enjoying at this site. ^___^ --> Shaiera 



Note: this is my original work, please don't plagiarize.

Thanks for reading!

--> Shaiera


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