How to Get ready Yourself for Interview

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Keep in mind when you are appear for an interview you are going to present your best personality, you are going present that you are best person with confidence, with all the surety that you are going to sell yourself in this very last moment. If you have been inviting for an interview you must also try to find out, who is going to interview you often we have seen people coming for the interview without preparation, although it seems very easy for them trying to find out who the interviewer going to be. It could be very easy for you to know the potential interviewer if you know about organization, or if you try to find out who is sitting on panel, whether it is HR manager or Finance Manager or any other technical manager, may be its employer who is going to take interview. You must have a list of supposed questions, if you contact any experience interviewer he or she can give you a list of supposed question which are frequently asked.

Getting Ready:

Let’s see How to get ready for interview:

  1. Review your Resume

Resume don’t have complete information there will be some gaps, may be your interviewer wants information regarding these gaps. Or you might have dilated on that and give further information, so you must have a good review of your resume and also don’t forget to carry an extra copy of your resume.

  1. Don’t come for interview late.

    If you arrive even a minute late it will leave a bad impact, better reach there 10 minutes before. Keep all the problems in your mind before going like traffic problem; convince problem or any other domestic problem. So arrive early 10 to 15 minutes before the timing so that you could calm and soft minded and can give interview by relax feelings. Mind it in interview first few minutes are very important and interview can judge between 30 to 40 second that how is this person fair in interviewing, interviewer can make up a mind, because first impression the way you are dressed up and the way you carry yourself the way you handshake and the way you drop yourself on the chair, these all thing can judge by interviewer in very short interval of time.


You have to think ahead with the possible questions. There are some of the questions which I share you and most time we answer these questions in wrong way.

 First question that ask by majority of the interviewer that “ Tell us about yourself”
Although there is anything is in your resume yet they want the candidate to speak and if you are lucky enough to be ask this question then believe me you have opportunity to sell yourself, then you can drive the interviewer, you need not tell your name, your family name, where you belong to or your academic qualification etc, this all stuff is already present in your resume but what the interviewer is interesting to knowing is; you say that I have develop these exceptional skills by doing work in past organizations, this is mine edge by working for so many years, I have done this economic growth in previous organization, I brought these changes in management etc. Likewise you can tell about your all roundedness, your accomplishments your activities , you can tell that you have take part in debate etc your interviewer is interested to knowing what exceptional skills you have. So whenever interviewer ask you about yourself you should avail this opportunity and sell your self.


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