How to get the summer body ready in the winter

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            Today, the fitness world of non-athletes has coined the phrase “summer body”, a term to signify the level preparation of ones physique to enter into summer activities such as going to the pool or the beach. What this term really means is one was to lazy the maintain the physique for the summer. The truth is to have a body ready for the summer the hard work starts now in the winter. It is true, however, that the winter can often inhibit motivation and encourage binge eating.  While many of us fight these effects of winter, sadly they will take tool on our fitness level. 

One key way to fight this is to make your own soup at home. For many breakfast and lunch are eaten at the office or on the road and are hard to control, but
making a soup for dinner is easy. Although, it may require a few hours of preparation on weekends, it will provide a whole weeks supply of food. Before this soup can be made one must have two large pots, 7 plastic containers, and a lot of vegetables. One can use as many as 14 vegetables, even when 6 will suffice. Once the vegetables are selected, cut them up, and boil them in water, with a bullion cube (optional). After a couple hours, the vegetables will turn the water into a broth, then the soup is ready and pour the soup into the containers. After all the soup is divided into containers, freeze the soup to save it for the following nights. Un-freeze when ready to eat. Add spices at your own will for flavor.

The first advantages to making your own soup are that it will save money, save effort from making dinner choices every night, and help control portions to prevent over eating or under eating. Secondly the soup will help foster weight loss because it fills the body up with necessary nutrients, yet it is not fattening. Third it is perfect for the winter because the warm soup will help soothe the body, while the spices will also help kill bad bacteria.  

To have a physique ready for summer activities it will take a lot of effort and hard work, making your own soup at home is just one step. The summer body is the whole package, one must not only eat right, but also exercise. If you want to be ready for the summer it is a doable goal, but it will take time and planning.

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