How to help people with OCD

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OCD is a mental health problem faced by many people who have been through emotional trauma mostly. I have seen a close relative of mine suffering and being ridiculed by others in society because of this condition. The person tries to do some simple act like turning a door knob but does it repeatedly because he is hindered by some image or thought and he or she tries to redo it again without the thought. This goes on till the person becomes too tired of thinking and just does it and moves on. This condition can become terrifying if the person is not treated or healed. 

How to heal

A person suffering from OCD must not be teased or ridiculed. 

He or she must be preferable included in pleasure trips or enjoyable situations so  that it helps them forget the mental hurdles or anxiety attacks that keep coming back. 

For this, friends and relatives must help and help heal the affected.

OCD can be cured if we will it. Mental illness need not mean lifelong imprisonment in any asylum. 

In fact many people do suffer from such trauma but get on with life. 

Never keep thinking about past situations. 

Never talk about past incidents before people who do not have the strength to handle stress. 

In the case of my relative, he does have some traces but has got on to live life. Thankfully, many people do not ridicule him now. 

Thanks to Gaurav of Bitlanders who shared the video about OCD which inspired me to write about this. 

just my humble opinions based on experience 



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