how to know if a girl likes you ?

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She Gives away signs :  Listen to her carefully, so you can keep Something for future,when you are chatting, watch if she gives away any signs of fancying you.Each girl is different , you should listen to the tone of her voice. Her voice is softer than normal and she start stare at you, adjusting her clothes or playing with her hair. If girl likes you she laugh at your boring or stupid jokes. If a girl likes you she doesn't look at you straight and giggle a lot. 

One of the signs is smile when you start talking to her. If she don't like you, she will not express any particular strong emotion. 

She is Looking Different : The way she looks at you also help you to find out if she likes you. She will tend to either hold her gaze on you for a long time or pull away immediately the moment your eyes make contact with hers. if she pulls away quickly it means she is not ready to show her true intentions, but she likes you. If she hold staring at you and you see love in her eyes, it means she is confident and may make first move. keep in mind that some girls might just be staring or winding you, it doesn't mean she loves you and wants to get in touch with the real. 

Hugs You : That is a simple way to get closer to you and touch you. instead you can go along with her or just act you are busy or have an appointment.

Asks for Help : Look for the moment you can help out, when you are out and girls loudly say " I'am cold!", it means she wants you to give her your sweater. sometimes the girl pretend to be really bad at doing something, and says that she can't do it. you have a chance to offer her assistance and be aware that she will do it on purpose to see your reaction and hope for helping out. 

Smiles : Just smile at her, if she smiles back politely, or frowns and looks away, it means she is not interested. if she returns soft and big smile and continues to look at you, it is likely that she's interested. if she smiles and hides in the group, she may be nervous about whether you know that she likes you or not

She is helpful : When you need help she is always there, if you mention you are thirsty she offers you a sip from her drink. Ask her occasionally for small things, like chewing gum or pen and watch her reaction, if she always ready to offer you something for further and ask for something else. Don't use it too much and don't ask her difficult things for help.

Flirting : Some social girls flirt with with their guy friends, you should know the girl's general style around guys before making assumptions. Some girls have no idea that they are flirting. In this case, she may likes you. One of the sign she is trying to flirt with you and saying " awww " after you cough, trip, or say something cute. Don't flirt with other girls, she simply assume she doesn't mean anything to you and will stop trying.

She Bumps into you : Watch if she bumps into you more than usual. she want to see your response, Act casual when she bumps into you and say " No Worries " or something similar, but when she touch your hair and arm, you don't need to say anything and keep in mind not all girls comfortable reaching out by touch. maybe she is too nervous to do it. So don't be shy and touch her yourself. sometimes she use different ways to touch you, hitting you about the head or soft punching to the body, that is the way she can get closer to you without being too evident to your friends and hers.

Her friends : If you find out her friends smiling, giggling or glancing back at you, that means she has told her friends about you and they know it. if she is talking to her friends and you come over and she stop the conversation it means she was talking about you. if she likes you, she would probably tell her friends about you and they come over and ask you who you like ? they give you a list of people, also they try to see how you feel about her. if you are teen, you hear your name and her name by her friends, look if they make it up and say " stop teasing me! " or " be quiet! he might hear! "

Her Body language : You can know about her by observing her body language, there are lot of signs will tell you she's interested. If a girl has her torso turned towards you in an open manner, she is confident talking with you, if she has a closed body position, crossed arms or legs, she may be shy or nervous or simply create a barrier to ward you off. look at her eyes, if they are dilating, she may really like you. The way she is setting in a room, for example if she has her legs crossed  and pointed towards you, it means that she likes you. if she touches her lips and constantly bites them, she is really interested in you. 

Ask her to go and talk : Notice that many girls feel shy or nervous to start romantic conversation. if she be confident she may had bad experience and not be ready to approach, you can start conversation first. 

Don't invest lot of time in determining whether she likes you or not : find a time to talk with her and her friends, but not too much, know her as a person first and maybe later starting off as a friend and  you have a chance to connect on more real level. You intention should be clear otherwise you will stay as a friend forever. 



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