How to Lose Belly Fat

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How to Lose Belly Fat


5 Fat Burning  foods...

1.Berries : Respberries,  Strawberries  etc.


*Help to regulate absorption of sugar. Prevent insulin spikes which leads to fat storage.






2. Nuts.


* Fat content is high , but it is natural, essential fats that promote burning hormones.





3. Oatmeal.


*help to reduce blood cholesterol levels, help to flush out bad fatty acids . you can add nuts , berries  for a flavoursome meal.




4. Red meat.




*High quality red meat easy to digest protein reduces junk  cravings , helps builds muscle and repair cells.

5. Whole Eggs.




*The yolk contains all of the fats  soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids .
Also contains 90 percent of the vitamins and minerals.
true free range eggs contain 10x more omega-3 fatty acids and great source of usable protein.


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