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First of all, welcome to BitLanders! If you haven't yet made a BitCoin Wallet, that is a requirement to be paid, you need to set up an account.

You will have to go to in order to set up or sign up for a wallet. Click on 'Wallet', enter your email and password. 'Confirm Password' and click on 'Continue'. As simple as that! Your bitcoin wallet is ready. If they send any confirmation email, please click the link and confirm the registration.

Please remember that you will be given an 'Identifier', which will serve as your log-in and then a password. Make sure to give the strong password, including numericals, small and capital alphabets, specicial characters, etc. You will also receive your bitcoin address that you will use in order to receive money.

Please watch the video for practical information and don't forget to share, comment, or if you have any questions, send me message. Thank you very much!


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