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Ruja Ignatova was born on May 30, 1980 in Bulgaria.

At age 10 he moved to Germany. Allegedly Oxford graduated in 2004 with a degree in law and economics and has previously defended his doctorate in law at Constance in the period 1999 – 2002. In his professional biography focuses on five years of experience in the consulting firm McKinsey & Company * and one-year stay in the fund CSIF. Based OneCoin year ago, and this becomes the owner of iconic buildings in the city center – the former restaurant “Crimea”, bought for 4.2 mln. Euros. And house Mollov – 5 mln. Euros.

Our idea was OneCoin become like Facebook

1. What is the business of OneCoin in Bulgaria?

It is very important from the outset to know the following: OneCoin not open for Bulgarian market as part of our operations here and I want to have no conflict of interests.

2. And where you operate?

Our main markets are in Asia. Over 50% of our customers are there.

3. What is the scale of your business at the moment?

On our website we can see how many coins were excavated. OneCoin has 2.1 billion. Coins, which are provided, and until we dug 300 million. That are 15% of the coins, which to some extent can show the volume. The price of the coin is currently around € 2. When launched in September last year, the price was 50 cents. Most importantly, however, it is liquidity. This is one of the major risks – as no one can buy or sell, the price can be very high, but you do not have buyers. Not like gold, which has a lot of buyers.

4. If you comparable to other cryptocurrency in space, where are you?

I would say that we are very different from other kriptovaluta market. There are various ways to differentiate one currency and one of them is programming code. But our currency is not differentiated by this. One of the first kriptovaluti we who started centrally. This means that we make brand of currency help people dig it because it is not easy to dig. One must be very technically proficient.

Our idea was OneCoin become like Facebook. Because what was most interesting in recent years – iPhone, Google, things that benefit everyone. A kriptovalutata was something only for the elite. So now we are trying to Massified. But to get there, we need to help and should train.

We do not sell generally kriptovaluta. Whatever we do is sell a training package. This means that you can theoretically buy a training package and if you already intrigued idea of kriptovalutata, then we can turn to and dig. No digging force.

5. If I were interested in what the minimum amount you have to join the One Coin?

We have a free package that allows for a limited time you can try and see if OneCoin is for you. Then it depends on which package you purchase. Each package provides access to a certain level of OneCoin Academy. The minimum amount for a package is 130 euros.

6. The submission of these 130 euros, what’s next?

Thereafter first advise you to open your videos, electronic books and read what you’re doing and why. We work with university professors, we have not yet officially launched, but they also supported us. The package of courses with the name One Academy. As you bring these 130 euros, you are making your first level One Academy. There are videos, pdf-and finally can take a test and get a certificate. The certificate is not approved by the university, but we give it, if you really take the exam.

Once you know what kriptovaluta, what are the risks and what can be done, you can join the so-called mining pool. This means that many people like you are included together and dig coins. Now, you with your € 130 will dig maybe about 50 coins. But you have to wait to gather enough people to be able to join this pool and when your turn, you get your 50 coins. We currently have a waiting list and takes about 30 days. That is, if you enter today, you must wait 30 days to give you your coins. And then it depends on what you want to do with these coins.

7. What are the possibilities for the moment? Where can I go shopping with them?

The easiest is to go to the exchange and buy and sell. You are then speculator who creates liquidity. There are lazy and speculators, investors who buy and wake up after three or four years and then want to sell.

There is a very cool story about Bitcoin – a boy from Norway wrote a master’s work on the subject and purchased for $ 27 Bitcoin, then forget about them. Three years later he shows that they have become 887,000. He buys downtown Oslo some insanely nice apartment. These are legends. Now, there are bad stories about Bitcoin – someone had a server with 10 thousand. Bitcoin, the server died, did not back up … or the first Bitcoin transaction offline – someone bought two pizzas with 10,000 coins. These 10 thousand. Coins was them I thought were 7 million. Dollars at a time.

We strive to make so-called utility of OneCoin. This means the currency to be used. Let’s say you are on a deserted island and you have a fork and a gold coin. Your fork is much needed and will therefore cost more. And now the question is how kriptovalutata may have some benefit for people, why they want it. Not only is it an investment.

8. How do you achieve this?

As I said, we are mainly in Asia, where the market is very different, for example in terms of cash transfers. If I want to send money to Germany three days there, no problem. However, if you’re in Singapore and your wife live in India, he is already complicated. Kriptovalutata can help it.

9. How ?

We provide our customers with so-called One card with which you can deposit and withdraw money through the bank. Usually it is a Master Card or Visa Card.

10. And by themselves Visa Card and Master Card are you interested in?

Generally they do not mind, but they do not provide this service.

11. How does the business of OneCoin regulatory standards in the world?

Regulations us running in two directions. The first is kriptovaluta – almost no country in the world in which kriptovalutata be banned. Two or three are countries that have very serious financial meltdown or simply do not want foreign currencies. There are central banks, which have warned that investment in kriptovaluta is risky – Indian and Hungarian. And there is no doubt. Fact. This would never denied.

More complicated is that before entering in any country, or should we take a license or to obtain a legal opinion stating that the bonus plan, we offer is effective and legal. This is based on doubts that the Internet pyramid you. We now have a legal opinion in Germany, which is one of the toughest sides to these things, and it is said that we are legal. Currently we take such and the US, which we expect to happen at any moment. This is one of the worst jurisdictions and when we were there … I myself am a lawyer, I studied at Oxford, so be very careful. Because it would be foolish nice concept, good marketing to go in a bad way.

12. How counteract attempts to launder money?

Unlike bitcoin, which is anonymous currency with us if you have any payments above € 2,500, we kindly ask you to provide a copy of the ID card. We have the same policy as PayPal. We pretty strict, we do not want to risk what we have done here. We already have 530 thousand. Customers.

13. Why bet on multilevel marketing?

I come from the corporate world, I worked at McKinsey. If I started marketing OneCoin the way you know, I would go to investment banks in London with my friends and acquaintances. But then I will not be achieved this utility currency I want. So if you have the opportunity, and I got it now, sell you you OneCoin 10 mln. Euros or Buy 100 packages, I immediately sold small packets because it has a much greater benefit. Currently operating in 183 countries. This is something that traditional marketing would give me.

14. You said that your main difference with other kriptovaluti that are centralized. This is not a risk for customers who do not know you? How can they be sure that tomorrow the company will not disappear?

Yes, and this is a risk, but I have blockchain audit.

15. Yes, but all the information is concentrated in your servers. I can not be sure that you sold with packages will decide at some point to disappear.

We have an auditor who comes here every month and audited company and the entire chain. We think we are the first company to make such an audit. The risk that someone could disappear, it always has. Either you trust me or do not trust. Generally know where I am. There are many companies who are hiding, not knowing who is behind them, what has been engaged before. It seems that people trust us and we have not let them down.

16. Hungarian Central Bank directly mention your company name in his warnings.

I have no problem with that. They do not say that violate the law. They say that this is a risky investment, and we do not deny. Kriptovalutata has a chance, but it also brings risks. If you are looking for low risk and low return, go to term deposit in a bank.

17. Investment risk is clear. Mention the risk of fraud.

It can always happen.

18. You like watching the market, it has at least 100 different kriptovaluti

At least 400.

19. Possible Are pyramids kriptovaluti?

Anything is possible. What is easiest to do is run a currency that is not true blockchain. This means that someone just print money. Kriptovalutata idea is that you have a finite number of coins and this ensures that there will be no inflation. Most easy that you can do is say that your limit is 2.1 billion., And to print 20 billion. Therefore, we shall auditor.

20. Outside your Exchange announced the start of only one other.

Show only currency. We do not trade there. They are startup, still struggling with life to realize. We want next year already and other places to go, but so far we do not, as we have excavated only 15% of the coins.

21. And what is the ownership of this market?

I can not comment.

22. Then how can you trust someone to trade your currency?

And who is the owner of BTC? Same. If they do not want to comment, I’m the last one I will comment.

23. The videos of your company understand that her partner is a Canadian foundation. On their site, however there is information they do not want in any way to be associated with you. How do you explain this?

We donated money, which they deny. But someone wrote and asked them what OneCoin, is it possible to have a pyramid. They said they do not know can not investigate, and decided to refund us. For me personally it is a pity.

24. What other projects have a foundation?

In Bulgaria also actively pursuing projects to help children. We see two different orphanages. We have an orphanage in China. I know, and a bridge in Vietnam, which was destroyed and the children could not go on it. I would like to have a little more time to the foundation, but now the business is in the first place. I donated the rights of my last book of the Foundation. We collect money and the party to celebrate my birthday.

25. Currently, your main activity in the Bulgarian company or is in Gibraltar?

OneCoin operates mainly in Dubai, Gibraltar has an administrative office. Bulgarian company is not OneCoin. It has a service contract.

26. That is the purpose revenues last year, according to documents in the Commercial Register are about 1.3 million. Lev and 5 million. Lev advances come from OneCoin – Dubai?

Say yes.

27. Servers And here you are based or in Dubai?

We have servers in three places, including in Bulgaria.

28. How many people is your team?

50, but we hope to get 75-80 at the end of the year.

29. Enters the media with worldly events, purchases of buildings in the city center. We already see a second, quite a landmark building. Your personal funds you invest in property, dividends from OneCoin or from previous projects?

This is not, needless to say, but in one house will bring the I and the other will be an office.

30. Appeared on the cover of Forbes. This editorial content or was it advertising?

Second cover of Forbes, for which we paid. And they did an interview with me.





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