How to make most of Bitlanders?

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Hey all Bitlanders!

Im exited about this new social media.! Site looks great and well designed. I found my way to here trough forum, where one of my friends did post thread about Bitlanders. First off course what i did is some research that is BitLanders legit, and i find out that it is. YEY!

After few days i made my own account, and making on transfer from bubblews to here. Bubblews is great, but their new layout is way too heavy, and laggy. Also i have heard lot that they have been lot of payment issues lately.

So i have now uploaded few videos that i liked a lot, and wanted to share them with you. Also i have write a blog about "Should i change to PS4". Some microblogs, and few photogallery.

What im thinking is how i can make most of BitLanders.? How i tag people. How i thank them if they have subscribed me, etc. Please help me about this.

I hope you like my blogs, videos, photogalleries, and microblogs. Im active and will post some awesome stuff!

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