How to operate open heart surgery by doctors

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Open heart surgery are that in which the chest is opened and surgery is preformed on the heart muscles, valves, arteries and other heart structures is known has open heart surgery. The term open is referred to the opening of chess.The heart may or may not be opened, depending on the type of surgery.

As for sometime heart is non functional then the open heart surgery will be proceeded. It has to provide oxygen rich blood to the brain and other vital organs. The open heart surgery is takes place by some new procedures. These procedures will be the gift of modern technology,  due to this there are so many open heart surgeries will be successful in a day and patient will be recover.

There are so many causes of open heart surgery. These are heart attack, if all the valves of heart will be  blocked and no blood circulation takes place in the body. This condition is very serious and if the quickly open heart surgery will not be done then the death will cause. If all the valves of heart will be blocked then its treatment will not be possible with medicines.

The blockage is due to the fats because those fats which we intake in our body through food, when these fats inter in the blood will be settled in the form of layers in the valves and arteries of the heart and at the end they will be blocked.All though, open heart surgery is very painful treatment but the patient will be recovered very soon and due to this the doctors save the life of the patient.

Open heart surgery will be done above the age of 20 years. Open heart surgery is very expensive treatment and mostly occurred in modern countries. In third world countries, this technology will not be available. In Pakistan the  facility of open heart surgery will be available in some of the best hospitals and also the doctors will be present but due to this fact that it is very expensive procedure and a common person were not afford it. On the other hand the rich peoples get there open heart surgery and the poor peoples lost their lives.

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