How To Participate In Operation Zarb-e-Azab (Part 1)

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In United Kingdom summer is like the best weather of all & when autumn comes, its like even greater than summer. Normally in United Kingdom its snow and rain all over the year. Windows are covered with fog. In weather like this sunshine is fruitful than anyone can imagine. To continue life, sun plays an important role in life. There is no doubt that clouds and rainy weathers are romantic weathers for loved ones but apart from this you can ignore the importance of sun in the lives of human beings. Our English course book in Bachelors in Arts had one poem by "Laurance Binyan" named as "Winter Sun Rise", in which he described the sudden appearance by sun during cloudy weathers in United Kingdom.

The main theme of poem is like the poet has been through these feelings and describing these feelings some how like that " Its been a long time since sun has set eyes upon us and due to clouds everywhere for past few days , it appears that its night. Darkness is everywhere and the one thing that warms my heart is the Jasmine in Vase, and the very moment it looks like that i am breathing in the most peaceful place of the world. That Jasmine in the vase has a shadow now on the wall which means its the time for which we have waiting too long. Finally the sun rises. The poet describes that the shadow on the wall has changed the view of everything just like you caught yourself in an old memory about which you had no idea about how it came to my mind. The shadow on the wall looks more beautiful and pleasant than the Jasmine in the Vase itself and this is the time when beauty of the Jasmine in the Vase has became immortal. The memory that comes to our mind after seeing such an amazing, beautiful, pleasant thing has more charm than any other thing in the world.  "



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