How to Remove a Steering Wheel from a Tractor

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Assemble the items needed. These are listed below under "Things You'll Need". Park the tractor somewhere safe and ensure that it is completely turned off and it is sitting where it cannot move.

Place the puller on the steering wheel. To avoid damaging the centering tip of the puller, place a few washers under the screw. This gives it a firm, well-balanced grip.

Insert the ratchet as shown in the image. Apply just the minimum amount of force to the ratchet while the puller is firmly seated. You will note that this begins to break the steering wheel free.

Remove the wheel. The steering wheel comes off with no damage. Perform any maintenance tasks required and either restore the wheel or replace it.

.Things you'll need

  • Puller
    Some washers
    Gear less ratchet
  • Spline drive socket

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