How to Send Bitcoins from Much Faster and Without Fail?

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Have you tried transferring bitcoins from your account to another wallet to no avail? The fund might have come from your BitLanders payment, and you want to convert it to cash using a money transfer service like If that's your case, then this short blog can help. My experience can point you toward the right direction.

After BitLanders shifted to as the sole and default payment processor for BitLanders payments, many "bitsters" were shocked at the learning curve involved in having to use what appeared to them an unfamiliar bitcoin wallet. The truth of the matter, however, is that is among the original and most respected bitcoin wallets in existence.

After I received my first BitLanders payment using, I immediately claimed and sent the money to my Peso Lock wallet. I waited for a couple of days for the transfer to be "confirmed" in my account, but nothing happened. I was totally discouraged, knowing that the money was deducted from my account but was not credited to my account.

My doubts and frustrations were cleared when I sent emails to BitLanders and and they replied promptly. Because of the recent, prevalent attacks on the bitcoin network, payment transactions have significantly slowed down. However, to speed up the process, users need to add a miner's fee of at least 20,000 satoshis to each transaction to make it a priority among miners.

Therefore, if you have 0.025 BTC in your account, you have to specify a miner's fee of 0.0002 BTC to transfer bitcoins much faster and without fail to another wallet. Actually, you don't have to perform subtraction for each transaction. Just be aware that the amount of bitcoin transferred to another wallet is 20,000 satoshis less than the requested amount.

The right way to send bitcoin from involves three steps, as shown in the following photo:

#1 –  Go to the "Send Money" tab in your account.

#2 – Click on the "Custom" button.

#3 – Whatever amount you want to send, make sure you include a miner's fee of at least 0.0002 BTC, or 20,000 satoshis.

Doing the above steps ensures you avoid the possibility of an "unconfirmed transaction," which is not only disconcerting but also time-wasting. After sending money to another wallet, your bitcoin will be credited almost instantly.

I hope this short blog be of great help to you and clear any fears you have about using After all, BitLanders' decision to shift to is indeed a good move! Thanks BitLanders.

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