How to Set up a Homework Routine for a Child

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1.Get a calendar. Use the calendar to schedule due dates, test days, and any other things that might interrupt with homework time.

2. Pick an area that's quiet, well-lit, and has all the supplies your child will need to complete their homework. If they need anything like a pencil or a sharpener, then get it for them. Do not make them get it themselves.

3.Set a time for your child to start doing homework. This could be as soon as they get home, they could have a snack and start afterwards, or you can let them watch a TV program, have a snack, then get down to business. Whatever you decide, make sure you stick to this time every day.

4.Help them while they're working on homework. Stay in the same room, and work on something quiet yourself; that way your child knows that it's quiet time, and if they need help they won't wander around getting distracted while they're trying to find you.

5.Check their homework. After they have finished the homework, go over it, then have them put it in their folder or backpack. Make sure they do this before the next day when school starts or they will forget to bring their homework.

6.Reward them. If they complete their homework every day of the week, give them a special treat at the end, or let them pick something to do.

7.Remember to do the same routine everyday.




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