How to start with Bitcoin !

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How do I use Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are stored in a wallet, which you can use to buy, sell, or send BITCOIN to anyone, anywhere in the world. Coinbase is the world's largest bitcoin wallet provider, offering free and secure web-based wallets that can be easily setup.


How do I buy bitcoins?

You can purchase bitcoins in Coinbase! Beside, a couple of futher options are below.


ANX is committed to providing a safe, globally-compliant and reputable platform for you to securely buy and sell bitcoins. They are an operator with strong compliance policies ensuring they are the most trustworthy Bitcoin exchange platform.


Expresscoin is the fastest, easiest, and simplest way to buy bitcoin and other altcoins. Expresscoin users can bring any wallet to the site, an advantage that enables consumers to use their preferred wallet.


Safello is the safe and simple way to buy and sell bitcoins in Europe with direct payment support for 87 banks in 11 countries through Sofort, iDeal and Handelsbanken Direct (instant delivery) and SEPA and international wire transfers (1-3 bank days). We accept SEK, Euro and British Pound.

Where can I find more news and Bitcoin Value coverage?

These sites are dedicated to staying up to date with prices, new developments, and regulatory updates. is Bitcoin’s most popular block explorer. A block explorer is a visualization of every Bitcoin transaction that has ever occured on the Bitcoin network.


ZeroBlock gives you the most relevant information on the bitcoin market in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. ZeroBlock provides real time bitcoin values and market data along with a news feed aggregator on iOS, Android, and web.


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