How to Write a Blog

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                                               How to Write a Blog

Many people facing problem for writing a blog. There are some problems regarding writing a blog. People fall in plagiarism which results in decreasing buzz score as well as revenue. Bit coin a new currency way also decreases. So people are afraid of writing a blog.

Characteristics of blog

Here some characteristics of   blog are as follows

  • It should be clear
  • It should be  comprehensive
  • It should be to the point
  • No data should be copied from any where
  • It is the word of your own

Component of a blog

A blog having following parts in my view

  • Introduction
  • Explanation/ Example
  • Conclusion



Introduction is the main part of the blog. A blog is like an essay. In which you are sharing your experience, knowledge, emotions and practical.  You should have to first introduce people with a particular knowledge, its importance, history and use. In other words you are making a sketch in the people mind about a particular thing or a certain moment.


In this section of blog you are proving your knowledge with example. Mean if you are writing about an accident and you are emphasizing about importance of  helmet. Then you can defend your essay/blog/article with many examples. And have to explain the importance of helmet.


In this section a writer should write the conclusion of whole his work discuss in above sections. It should be so clear that people understand the whole phenomenon of particular thing or a certain moments. Without conclusion a blog/essay/article is worthless. It is inferential result of whole the data discussed in the different section. It should be of short words and to the point