How will you make your relationship lasts longer?

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1. Don't demand.

2. A lot of patience and understanding.

3. Try to listen

4. A simple Thank you and a simple I love You.

5 Learn what makes your partner happy

6. Give and Take

7. Don't expect too much

8. Get involved to each other

9. Communication

10.Be faithful and be honest!

I have been into two long time relationships. The one that lasted for almost 10 years and the current one, we are on the fifth year now and hope this could be my last relationship. Relationship needs not only love but also consider what are listed above. We do have our own ingredients to make a relationship more exciting and interesting and would possibly last longer. To h ave a better relationship, learn to be humble and learn to see things beyond what you see in the outside. 




Check the link and read the whole article. It might help you with your relationship to last longer or even to last forever. 


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