how you can improve your paragraph writting

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Writing a good article not only makes you happy but also improves yourself a lot. You can express your feeling by writing, and you will also learn some knowledge from it. It trains you to think logically. It tests what you have learned in your grammar system. It teaches you to catch the important topic. It is important for us to write a good paragraph. There are some tips for you to write a good paragraph efficiently.

        First, you should not start your writing immediately when you got the paper and topic of the article. You can brainstorm and jot down the main ideas first. It makes it easy to organize your thinking. You can write the topic sentence at the beginning of the paragraph. It makes the readers know the theme of your writing at the very beginning. And the more interesting the beginning, the more people want to read it. Try your best to make your introductory paragraph look more attractive.

        Second, you should provide sufficient examples in the body of the paragraph to develop your ideas. Make sure your supporting sentences correspond to your main idea and do not conflict with your topic sentence. There shouldn’t be contradiction between the generalization and the details. Consistency is essential to a good paragraph. Although people may have different opinions from yours, sufficient supporting sentences can convince the readers to agree with your thinking.

        In the last step, write the concluding sentence. It is important to make a good conclusion so that the paragraph can come to a logical ending. You can restate the main theme, or give some suggestions to the key points of the paragraph. After finishing your paragraph, you should check the tensing of the verb and other grammar features to ensure the accuracy of all the sentences.

       Above all, you should practice a lot. Before writing, you should read as much as you can regularly. It is important to practice step by step. Be imaginative in your writing. And if you want to get some extra points, using technical terms is a way. You can also use different words or sentence structures to express your ideas. Citing some sayings can make your writing more convincing. Do not make your paragraph monotonous. Writing clearly is the easiest way to be reader-friendly and makes others have a good impression on your work.



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