Humans of pakistan :)

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- Why is this place called Athmuqam? 
"Long before the separation of India and Pakistan, there were only 8 houses in this place. 8 families from different backgrounds ended up here and formed a community. But in the last decade, a lot of people migrated from Indian Occupied Kashmir (or Jammu Kashmir) to this place because of unrest and war between both countries. So it now has become a big city."

- What do you think is the solution to this issue? 
"Kashmir itself is the solution - one united Kashmir. It is our free will to choose our fate and be part of whichever country we want. The war is not between the people of two countries. It is between two mindsets. My identity is Pakistan. I cannot be Kashmiri and then a Pakistani. I see this as a part of Pakistan."

- What about the other part which comes under the jurisdiction of our neighbours? 
"That's not my question to answer. It's their decision. I stand with Pakistan. I stand with Azad Kashmir. I always will."

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