Humans of pakistan.

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"I came back to Pakistan from UK a year and a half ago to study dentistry. There was a lot of competition over there and I could not have made it to a good school so that’s why instead of choosing any other country, I chose my homeland. Although I was raised in UK, I can speak the native language (Pashto) fluently. I wish to the change of perception of dentistry in Pakistan, particularly among kids. Dentists are perceived to be scary and crude. I want to change this perception by changing the dentists’ approach. I have also observed that most Pakistanis don’t usually go to dentists because they cannot afford the treatment. Instead of getting the bad tooth treated, they prefer to get it extracted because it is less expensive. However, in reality it is more painful and gives birth to various diseases like HIV because of unhygienic use of medical equipments.

I got this inspiration from a friend of mine who was fundraising for war affected people of Syria where he started going door to door to collect funds. After getting my degree, apart from working in Pakistan, I am going to travel to the poor countries of the world and tend to children and poor people for free; especially those who cannot afford dentists and have no choice but to let their teeth go bad. I don’t believe in equality but in equity. You have to charge your normal dentist fee to those who can afford it and should do it for free for those who cannot afford it. After all, everyone has the right to a safe and healthy life."

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