I got Stripes and I do Proud of it

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 I have stripes,  but I am not a Tiger nor some kind of animal, but I am also a mammal. I am a a human mom. A mother of three beautiful girls ages 14, 10 and 5. I got stripes all over my body from my tummy, side breast, side legs and hips and even on my behind, my body beauty will say ruined by a pregnancy, but for me it is a natural body art of being a mother who really bears a child, it is proof that I am capable of being a mother. I am not ashamed having it,I am actually proud having it. I do glad I got less, and my body still in shape. I never hide it if showed like when I am wearing midriff, people may think it is ugly, but for me it is better than a tattoo because this is my natural body sign and art. I am a mother, I bear kids and I do glad I got an opportunity being a mom, so why do I ashamed on my stripes.

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