I heart Chocolate

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I heart chocolate because chocolate is good for my heart .

The dark chocolate is very good for your heart . flavanol helps reduce the risk of heart disease. 

Dark chocolate is good for your brain . Your brain is everything , treat it well . How does one do this , you ask ? EAT SOME DARK CHOCOLATE , my friends . 

Dark chocolates helps reduce inflammation after head injuries , and it's good for your memory because it contains the PHYTOCHEMICAL  FLAVANOL ... It also helps with your mood and depression .



Here's the reason why chocolate is actually good ...

Want to shed a few pounds ? Eat chocolate cake for breakfast . SERIOUSLY . DO IT . Go eat chocolate cake for breakfast right now . Like a boss .

On a more serious note , that eating chocolate early in the day can help deter cravings for sweets and other unhealthy foods later on . But don't forget to mix in some protein and carbs . It's  all  about  balance .



















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