I love Seafoods

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There are several vendors passed by selling vegetables, meats and fishes. I don’t feel to buy that stuff. Until I heard the woman vendor shouting what’s she’s selling shells. In my mind, wow! I like it. LOL!
I suddenly call her and ask if how much per plastic. She answered, twenty pesos only. I also asked if there is no dirt already, knowing that it is from swampy. She said that it is already cleaned, they let it spewed it. So I bought two plastics.
I let is soaked in the water at small basin for two hours. This is very easy to cook. I put water above high the total average of the shells, boiled it and put ginger. Tanglad or the lemon grass is better but I can’t find any here so I used ginger instead. When it’s keep boiling I put some salt and seasoning to taste.
And here it is. After a year, I got the chance to eat this again.

Thanks God for this blessing.
God bless us.


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