I Miss You Love

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Dear Love , I know that we are no more with each other. I know that it is hard to forgive you but I am strong enough to do that. I also know that we had a nice time together and I still remember the long ride on bike with you .Dancing in the rain with you like no other person is watching.Singing a song for you .My heart was full of love for you and same you imparted to me all the time.A love you gave me is extremely unforgottable and I still whisper a lot in your sweet rememberence.

On that day we had a gala dinner in Patag Hotel at Ahmedabad and we had been sitting for long time in the garden of river front area .We did discuss about the future of our love and what we do. At that time I never expected that you will leave me forever.It is said that pure people are also needed early in the heven.
On that sad day you met a road side accident and God called you from this world to heaven. I think he jealous of our bonding and pure love so he called you with him and leaving me in deep pain and whisper

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