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As we know that every language in the world has its own idioms. So to understand those idioms, we can't translate it literally, we have to understand the meaning of those idioms so that we can understand the actual meaning of the sentence.

So in this case I want to give you some English idioms with its meaning in this article

1- Catch your breath: to wait and rest for a moment when you have been very active

2- Butterflies in your stomach: a feeling og being very nervous or frightened about something

3- Blow your mind: to find something very exciting and unusual

4- Rock the boat: to do or say something that upsets people and causes problems

5- Back in the saddle: to do something that you stopped doing for a period of time

6- On a collision course: having very different aims or opinions and therefore likely to strongly disagree or fight

7- A wolf in sheep's clothing: someone or something that seems good but it's not at all

8- A chip on your shoulder: an angry attitude resulting from being treated badly

9- Call it a day: to stop working for a day

10- Beat around the bush: to talk about unimportant things to avoid talking about what is really important

11- Every nook and cranny: every part of a place

12- In mint condition: in excellent condition as if new

13- The cream of the crop: the best of a group of similar things or people

14- Bored to death/bored to tears/bored stiff: very bored


Written by: Mohammed Hussein

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