If Film Annex Were A Museum for Indie Filmmakers...

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Still from Mitch Myers' Now You Know How Your Eyes Look in the Dark

If Film Annex were a museum or an art gallery, all the artists would get paid for a lifetime, just for displaying their work. They wouldn't have to make something commercial to get noticed or "sell out." They could experiment and go as crazy as they'd want, because they'd know there would be someone in that 50 million-people audience who'd want to see something unique, perhaps a little bizarre, or absolutely eccentric. The thing is, you can only put so many paintings in a gallery or a museum, but you can put a lifetime's work on Film Annex.

Everyone loves a good narrative film with good actors and a powerful story. There are many places to see this kind of work, including theaters, TV, and of course the Internet. Experimental films and videos are always considered "art-house" and often elitist. I never understood why. What's high-brow about experimental film? Sometimes, it's just someone messing around... People spend hundreds of million dollars to make something "mainstream," and then snub a no-budget experimental video, because it's "trying too hard" or because it's on display in a forgotten gallery off the beaten path. We all know mainstream is more "accessible" while experimental is much less so. So people say, "Why should I go out of my way to see such and such?"

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I know plenty of artists who say they don't care about getting paid for their work. I guess they're lucky, because they've already got money. But for those who don't and still want to make art the way they want to make art, there are other ways to make a living besides being dependent on a gallerist or waiting for that rich guy to buy your work. And the latter almost never happens when it comes to video art anyway. This is where Film Annex comes in with its new revenue share model built on its very own scoring system called the BuzzScore. You can read more about the BuzzScore if you're curious about the way it works. But what I want to say to indie filmmakers who make experimental films and video art is that they will make money off of their work if they choose to present it on Film Annex and promote it on social media networks.

Just a few weeks ago, I received an email from Amy Hill, one of our long-time filmmakers, saying, "Honestly, from the bottom of my heart... Film Annex has changed my life! You've let me do the things I've always wanted to do but could never afford. Just wanted to show some appreciation! Thanks so much!" Amy is not an experimental filmmaker, though I know she paints. But, the opportunities are equal for all filmmakers as long as they produce good work and know how to promote themselves on social media.

Here are some of my favorite experimental filmmakers/video artists on Film Annex. Make sure to check them out!

Sam Spreckley

Jake Fried

Mitch Myers

Daniel Hopkins

Charles Pieper

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