If the people of Pakistan realize Their Potential

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What happened? If the people of Pakistan realized their value, their natural assets. No one can stop this nation. Up till now we have seen that Pakistan is recognized with respect to their talent. No one can refuse to this statement. This is the other problem that we are not on our way.
We come to defense of Pakistan. Pakistani air force is the only air force in the world that had destroyed Israeli and Indian planes in air to air combat. Our special services group SSG is recognized due to their actions, bravery, intelligence and sacrifices. They are renowned due their Moto. Our nuclear system is very strong. No one dares to harm us due to nuclear weapons of Pakistan. Their ranges are very large (7000km).
Let me tell you the natural resources. Pakistan is full of natural resources. Khwera salt is a largest salt range. We can get huge profit from their and economy will rise. Gawadar port is gifted to us by Allah Almighty. We can set it as a toll plaza for world trade. Large oil, gas and coal reserves. World’s largest oil reservoirs are in Karachi cost. World’s largest hydrocarbon reservoirs are in the desert of Pakistan, Thar. According to an estimate its volume is 2000 cubic feet. Thar coal reserves are greater than Canadian, Iranian, Iraqian reserves. All these are the gifts of Allah.
These are only two topics.
If Pakistani people identify that what they are and what they have been gifted by Allah almighty than no one can stop us from progressions.

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