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The Tsu concept

The Tsu concept is straightforward. By sharing interesting and engaging content, your followers will want to engage with it. The more engagement it receives and the more views your content has, the more money you make.

How does Tsu compare to its rivals?

Tsu differentiates itself from Facebook and other newcomers such as Ello, their main rival, because it promises to reward usersfor creating the content for them.

You can post the exact same contenton Tsu as other social networks, but earn money for doing so. Money that would normally go directly to the site owners in most other social media sites.

Another recently launched content sharing site is Leafit. Whilst also promising to pay you, they make no qualms about charging members $49 per month to qualify to earn from anyone in their down line. To earn anything from the site, you need people to buy an item so you can receive commission, and not everyone is a salesman.

he Tsu revenue model is clear

  • 90% of revenue distributed to users.
  • 50% of that revenue is paid directly into your balance, within 48 hours.

Revenue is based on CPM (Cost Per Thousand).

If you receive 500 views on your content for one day and the CPM is $1, you would receive a payment of 45c (50% of 90%).

The other 40% of revenue is paid to your up line, based on the rule of thirds. You receive 1/3 of earnings from all direct referrals. You receive 1/9 of earnings from second level referrals. You receive 1/27 of earnings from the third level of referrals and so on.

Even if you never refer anyone, you still receive 50% of 90% of revenue raised by adverts shown on your own content.


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