Ignorance of the Law Excuses No One: My Simple Instructions and Recommendations for Newbies and Old Members Alike – Part 1

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Ignorance of the Law excuses no one:  My simple instructions and recommendations for newbies and old members alike – Part 1



As far as I wanted to earn more here on bitLanders I still failed to realize such goal, laziness is my number 1 enemy.  I know and I believe that this site is more than legit to have the ability or the capacity to pay its members or content contributors but it seems that I just let the chance to slip away.  Yes for those new comers who still doubt this site not to mention those who openly say that bitLanders is a scam you better think about this.  The highest earner of this site has been here for more than 3 years and since that time up to now she is receiving payments regularly.  I myself can attest that bitLanders really pays so I suggest if you want to earn here be active in updating your contents everyday especially submitting blogs for review and take away those negative thoughts about the company.

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Most of the people around are not particular with the rules.  Just like any other website or even when were still in school or at our workplace, rules and regulations are always there.  Policies are set for everyone to follow. Now this blog and the succeeding parts aims to give simple but effective instructions or information to new members on how to avoid doing prohibited things which could lead to deletion of ones account as well as to give recommendations or suggestions in order to make ones stay worth, that is to earn a relatively good earnings or extra income by simply sharing your thoughts and socializing with the other members thus also earning good friends from all over the world.

My Greatest Enemy

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As I mentioned earlier, and even if I find the need to really earn BIG here on bitLanders considering the fact that it really pays, so hard works will really paid off but the problem is I am too sluggish to create a blog. One of the reasons maybe is because I am also working I mean I have a traditional work and normally stays in the office for 10 long hours every day excluding travel time to and from the office so I actually have very less time doing all the things I need to do in order to get higher earnings here on bitLanders. Although personally and honestly, I don’t really accept that reason as I can see some of the members here who really excel albeit having a regular work too.  I think it is just a matter of having a dream or specific goal to achieve and self-discipline too to add with an efficient time management and setting up priorities.

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Anyhow, just to be able to create and submit a new blog (LOL) that means I don’t care if I get 3 or less stars as long as I did submit one at least every day (hopefully) so i need to learn the skills of creating a blog in just 15 minutes LOL.  Do you think you can do it? 

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If you want to learn how to create a blog in very short time, watch the video below.

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Now, I just would like to share specially to the newbies about some relevant things that they need to know in order to have a most rewarding stay in this remarkable social media site that pays for sharing our opinions and interacting to other members from different parts of the world.  Read on and please pay attention on every details.

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I hope through this blog I could at least help new members behave appropriately to get away from troubles, I mean I see a lot of active members before who are not present here anymore and I know that while it’s true that some members decided to leave on their own for some important reasons but still I strongly believe that most of them were being deleted or blocked by bitLanders itself for violating some rules.

Rules and Regulations

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First of all, and before anything else, I encourage everyone to read the Terms of Service set by the company in order for you not to violate any rules that could somehow be the reason why your account will be blocked.  It may be long but it is worth the time, but to help you I just would like to reiterate the most important violations to avoid in order to stay longer in this great platform and earn more.  Click here if you want to read the Terms of Service and click here to read the FAQ section which I encourage you to read to obtain more essential information.

Simple instructions to follow

❶ No Plagiarism – this is very basic but vital.  We are not allowed to copy any contents found on the internet, and should mention the source of every photos and videos used in our blogs.

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Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.  Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics. Plagiarism is not in itself a crime, but can constitute copyright infringement. - Wikipedia

Please watch the video below to know more about plagiarism.

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❷ No spamming – as simple as “please sub me back”, “please buzz me” repeatedly written everywhere (other members page or posts) is a mortal sin in bitLanders, I mean unlike plagiarism wherein your account may be deleted at once, spamming might not cause your account to be suspended or terminated immediately but in time it will be so better try to avoid doing this.  After all, if you buzz I’m sure people will buzz you back and if you subscribe or follow, people will follow back also although you need to show your worth for you to be followed back.  See below for more information about this.

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Spamming in micro-blogs and comments, and on the chat with buzz/sub requests. – FAQ Section, bitLanders

❸ No multiple accounts – as far as I know having multiple accounts was allowed long time ago but this time it’s already a grave offense that could jeopardize your bitLanders account.  So for whatever reasons bitLanders has we all should abide to this rules or else face the corresponding sanctions.  We may not know how bitLanders would discover such prohibited act but it’s still better to be careful, although for an offense like this I think an offenders will still be given chance to explain or justify himself or perhaps do as required by bitLanders.

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I think those are the basic things or the major causes why our accounts could be suspended or terminated, such that if we are blocked we will no longer have the chance to earn just by sharing or socializing.  For more info please click HERE.


Coming up will be about simple ways to earn more here on bitLanders watch out for it will be available shortly!


Have a nice day everyone!


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