I'm a New Fogey

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Most people know an "old fogey" is someone who's set in his or her ways, is too serious for his or her own good, and hates anything new to him or her.  At age 53, I'm showing the visible signs of "fogeyism".

I used to love watching "The Simpsons" because it was unique, sassy and genuinely funny--for the first ten years or so.  Now I'm wondering why anyone is still watching this show after some twenty-odd years on the air.  I just can't laugh at it the way I used to.  And I didn't even bother watching the movie.

Speaking of movies, when "South Park:  Bigger, Longer & Uncut" came along, I knew it was the end for the show.  I mean, where else can they go after putting Sadaam and Satan in bed together?  Mind you, I'm not that big a "South Park" fan, but even I can tell the show has worn out its welcome.

And I can't get into any cartoon by Seth McFarlane--neither "Family Guy" nor "American Dad" nor "The Cleveland Show" (and you'd think I'd be happy to see another black family sitcom on a major network).  They're a bit too wild even for me.

Maybe this discomfort is the driving force behind my own "Kawaii 5-2" cartoons.  They're simple and funny and just plain fun.  I try to steer away from "trendiness" or spoofing celebrity news or current events and let the humor come out of my characters and everyday (if exaggerated) situations.

I know that today's animated shows have plenty of fans.  And "The Simpsons" will probably run longer than Homer's age (34 years--or is that 36?).  I also realize that my cartoons will have their detractors as well.  But I am glad that I live in the 2010s where I have the technology to make my own animated fun show and bring it to an audience.  I guess that makes me a "new fogey"!

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