I'm Officially Addicted to Bitlanders.

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At some point in time, I have tried leaving this site. I feel so bored in the first time that I'm on this site I admit it. But then as time go by. I feel that this site is better than Facebook in most ways. I just want to go online in facebook to check rants. Most of the time I see a lot of irrelevant posts on that site. Some just showing how they bully members but up here in Bitlanders, I don't see such rude posts by members. For sure some members who open up an account don't see that as they are not on this site that much. So far I consider this as one of the best site that I joined last year. I hope Bitlanders will add more upgrades in the features for a better experience on the site. There are lots of good improvements and I really want to congratulate the team for doing up their pars in this site.

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Jose Godofredo Tuliao is the man behind the metal bands like Severe Metastasis, Soulcrusher, StormTroopers, Haemangioma and Andromeda Blood. Jose is the owner of the underground metal label BeyondtheGrave Records(http://www.facebook.com/beyondthegraverecords ).For some news, please visit http://www.severemetastasis.tk for any band related news and articles. I make this Bitlanders account to connect…

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