Impacts of media on our life

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Media is a mean of communication and information. There are two sources of media first is print and the second is electronic media. Newspapers, magazines and journals are the examples of print media and radio, television and cinema are the examples of electronic media.

New generation is using electronic media instead of print media. People use electronic media because it provides us timely information as compare to print media. We are completely bounded to media as when we enter our home first we switch on computer or TV. Media made our world a global village. The information of the world’s other corner is at one click.


Positive impacts of media are it provides us with information about scientific technologies. We can watch live events from all over the world. With the help of media we can talk face to face with are relatives and beloved ones who are living in other parts of the world. In short it entertains us with film, drama, documentaries and live sport events.


In addition it also has negative impacts on human life. When it left unchecked it mislead the masses. It wastes our time and money. People spend most of their time in front of TV and computer and do not take any type of exercise so it makes them obese and lazy. Rays emitted from electronic devices weak our body cells and eye sight.In conclusion media is not bad for us but it’s use makes it good or bad.


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