Importance and value of discipline in our life

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Is discipline is necessary for passing our life? Discipline is the name of there behavior, follow the rules and concentrate on there work. If you think about how are life and really work, can we follow are these instructions that are necessary to live in a society.

The truth is that everyone needs discipline in one form or another in order to carry one life various challenges. We think that behave with discipline is only necessary in the office or school colleges etc. But some people think that our own life are passing with a discipline or some rules that make our life easy and more comfortable as compared to other peoples.

Today we only see the discipline in the military officers life or their behavior during the duty time or in free time. Soldier of these special forces past his whole life with some limited rules and disciplines.

He always follow the instructions of his officers and do not breakdown the laws of Government.We see the discipline in the eye of Islam,we can judge that Islam also teach us that discipline is necessary for passing life.

A good Muslim always live with rules and discipline because our God like those peoples who have some aims of life and pass his life according to the Islam.

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