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This is really a wonderful Organization…
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Lethal Lens

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Kaleb Pryor

When i was little like 7years old i sprained my ankle just from running.So it all started when my brother was 10 at my age.I was like……

by kaleb-pryor

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LIfe as we know it

Hikmat zia

A friend has said very well,  'Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe its about unbecoming everything……

by Hikmatzia

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What mother really is?


If a question comes to anyone what mother is? The answer usually is that she is the wife of her husband, mother of her childrens daughter……

by Khanbaba

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Sometime, just as with backstage letters, when a delicate matter involving a favor is requested, it is more appropriate to write a……

by hamayoonNoorzai

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Tariq Awan

We are the results of our thoughts and actions, if we think positively, if we are successful in our mind, we are successful in this……

by tariq-awan

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