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A lot of people have a problem with Monday mornings. I don’t really have that much of a problem with Mondays. I have a feeling that it could be because I’m too delirious to care anything about how Monday mornings feel.

Tuesdays are where it all settles in. Tuesday is always the oddball day of the week. It feels like there’s a lot of insanity and I can’t really get anything done. Frustration settles in fairly nicely with a busy week ahead.

We’re just figuring out what we need to do. On Tuesday, we know and we might not like it.

Tuesdays can be the day where everything settles in. I hope for a productive day, but it can be extremely hectic and most importantly, really busy.

If Tuesday can be got through, then the rest of the week is pretty smooth sailing from there. Monday isn’t that bad, it’s Tuesday that’s the murder day, at least it is for me. All of the other days of the week have their own quirks, but it’s Tuesday that’s out of place

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