Importance of Chemistry

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                                             Importance of Chemistry

It is generally said that Chemistry is the mother of the sciences. All the works done in the word are directly or indirectly related with chemistry. The discussion of chemistry is very long, but I show shortly the importance of chemistry.

I start from very begging that I life is impossible without chemistry. Our inspiration for living is chemistry. When we take air inside the body basically we take oxygen and then we exhale it Co2 come out from the body. This inhalation and exhalation process is very necessary for living organisms which is depend upon chemistry.

When we drink or take meal it gives us energy is also according to the rules of chemistry.

We see around us plastic, iron, gold; steel, soft drinks, and juices alls are the gift of chemistry.

One the base of the one reaction of the chemistry huge industries are developed like steel industries, paper industries, cement industries, Plastic industries, fertilizers, Soft drink industries and wine industries these are those industries which are developed on one reaction of the chemistry.

Chemistry play very important role in the economy of the country. With the help of one element of the chemistry ‘uranium’ we make atom bombs which have ability to destroy the world.

Basically chemistry give us the shelter, to remain save from other powerful countries of the world.

On these above aspects I describe chemistry is very good subject. So, it is my suggestion for you to learn chemistry and take advantage. On the very small application of the chemistry you are able to make good money for you. For example you make soft drink in your home with the help of chemistry, and not more or less then that you are able to purifying you drinking water with the help of potash alum which is chemistry.





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