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Commerce includes trade and aid to trade. Commerce is a wider term. Commerce activities are very important for economy. That’s why the knowledge of commerce and studying commerce subjects are very important. Students of commerce learn different subject in commerce. Commerce subjects include many topics. Like trade include export and import. It can be manufactured items or semi manufacture items.


Natural resources are also trade. Aid to trade is facilities of trade e.g. transportation is necessary for carrying products from one place to another place. Wherehouse are used for storing products. Insurance reduce the risk of loss and businessman can easily do his business. Bank provide finance. It solve financial problem. Agent create link between producer and seller and promote selling.


Economics is also a subject of commerce. By studying economics it is come to know that how demand and supply can be finding. In microeconomics we study problems at individual levels. In macro economics we study problems at national level. Fiscal policies and monetary policies are also discussed in economics. In banking, information and knowledge about banks is gained.


Then person came to know that how functions of banks operate and how duties are performed in banks. In accounting the student gain knowledge about account maintaining and making books of accounts. It is helpful in practical life of any business bank or companies.


Subject of tax gives knowledge of taxation. Their rules and calculation is learnt. Cost accounting gives information that how a firm can calculate its cost. Commerce subjects give better knowledge of commerce activities. It’s important cannot be denied. 

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